DAB-ATL-TRI on Delta 7 August 2010

The return trip from DAB was interesting as well.  Thunderstorms were predicted for August 7 afternoon, so my boyfriend and I decided to try to get an earlier flight.  We pretended as if we were booking one-way tickets and the 11:48 am flight showed availability in first (A) class, I believe five or six seats, so we thought that there might be a chance we’d go standby and get upgraded, since we’re both Gold Medallion.  The 1:48 pm flight was a CRJ-200 showing only a seat or two open, so that was our other option.

We arrived DAB at 9:00 am, and no one was at check-in.  We used the kiosk to request earlier flights and picked itineraries with the 11:48 am departure.  My boyfriend’s kiosk printed a seat request card, but mine a.) told me our original 3:07 pm was overbooked and I could volunteer with a gate agent b.)  There was an issue with the 3:07 pm flight already and c.) to see an agent.  Finally two agents showed up and the male agent didn’t help at all, he just said they were booked all day and standby was all we could get.  The female agent looked at my record, printed the seat request card which said, “Flight Coupon Required” which kind of made me nervous as I had an e-ticket, then tagged and took the bag I was checking.

Once security opened at 9:45 am (LOL), we passed through.  We checked delta.com mobile and it never would show us the standby list, but it did tell us there was a problem with the 3:07 pm departure.  So my boyfriend called and the agent said it was delayed.  Delta.com mobile also told me I was going to misconnect again.  Boarding for the 11:48 am flight started and towards the end of the process, I was called up and given seat 17B and my boyfriend was called up and given 26A exit window. I was like, “WTH?” and like the gentleman he is, he gave me his seat and he took mine.

This plane departed five minutes late and arrived about 10 minutes early.  I went to one of the interrupted travel scanners and printed a slip that showed that I was on standby for the 4:00 pm and confirmed on the 6:05 pm. My boyfriend also wanted to make sure which flights he was listed and/or confirmed on, so he went to a kiosk, which didn’t show him standby listed on anything, and wouldn’t let him list himself on a 2:40 pm or a 3:40 pm, so we went to Concourse E where he saw an agent.  She said Delta was upgrading their kiosk and website, so it was glitchy, but printed for him a seat request for 2:40 pm and a confirmed exit row 26A on the 3:40 pm.

We had an hour or so to kill before his 2:40 pm flight, so we ate at One Flew South, the upscale restaurant at ATL.  It came highly recommended and it was excellent. It was a fantastic meal, service, and we were in there, ordered, ate, and out of there in about 40-45 minutes.  We had the breast of duck with portabella ravoli and white asparagus. I highly recommend the restaurant.

We went to my boyfriend’s gate and the flight was boarding. He had cleared standby, so we said goodbye.  I went to the C Concourse Sky Club to pass the next hour and a half.  While there, I tried to scan my interrupted travel slip at the kiosk to see if perhaps I was really on the 4:00 pm and it did not show me standby listed at all.  So I went to the website and it was equally screwed up.  It showed that my 6:05 pm flight was delayed until 10:05 pm, but with an arrival of 7:20 pm (LOL), and prompted me to select alternate flights.  In all reality, the 6:05 pm was not delayed.  Then I checked the standby list for the 4:00 pm and I was #3 of 4 with 11 seats remaining, so I figured I was good to go after all.  But Delta’s technology “upgrade” was definitely causing glitches like the agent said.

Another interesting note about the club: the man seated across from me in the cubicle section was watching porn on his laptop when I arrived! Thank goodness he had on a headset and he didn’t see the look of shock on my face as I walked by to sit at my cube!

The 4:00 pm standby flight was a little delayed, so I went to my gate around 3:50 pm and saw I was #2 with five seats remaining.  Finally the agent said we were all cleared and I boarded with seat assignment 5B.  The flight was fine. Service by request and the flight attendant actually came and asked each one of us if we wanted something.  We only landed about five minutes late.

I went to baggage claim and of course, my bag was not there.  It did arrive on my original 6:05 pm flight and was delivered to me about two hours after arrival.  When I took a look at the baggage tag, it said DL 1699, the 11:48 am, and DL 5183, my original 6:05 pm flight.  It was also marked Sky Priority and Standby, and apparently it was not redirected to the 4:00 pm as per my standby record, even though it arrived in ATL around 1:15 pm.