American Airlines: YYC-DFW-XNA 8 June 2012 by Bruce

Fri., 8-Jun
AA694 dep YYC 14:25 arr DFW 19:15 (MD80)
AA2917 dep DFW 20:30 arr XNA 21:35 (E145)

On AA because they were way cheaper than UA. It’s crazy how expensive it is to fly across a border. I wonder how many people aren’t coming to the US because of the taxes.

Calgary has US Immigration and Customs – it only took about 25 minutes. Then security screening, though not the TSA. Initially only magnetometers, anyone who alerts gets to go through one of the “old” ProVision full body scanners. I didn’t alert the magnetometer, but somehow earned a random secondary. They directed me to the machine but I opted out and got a pretty lame pat-down. Into the terminal, decent food options and a lot of comfy chairs. There is an Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge, but that’s not in the same concourse as the AA flights.

I have no status on AA, so my boarding pass was Group 4. Very organized boarding process, they called each of the groups and passengers didn’t rush the line at all. Despite being in the last group, as the flight was only half full, I had no trouble putting my small roll-aboard in the overhead above 21F on this MD-80. Thankfully, D and E never arrived so I was able to stretch out. If they hadn’t, it would have been an extremely uncomfortable three hours with my knees rubbing the seat in front. Once reaching 10,000 feet, I put my seat back and zonked out. When I woke up an hour later, I had missed the beverage service. During cleanup, the flight attendant stopped by, said he noticed I had been asleep when he came by and asked if I wanted anything. Nice touch.

Gogo inflight available. $14.95 for three hours (90 minutes after my nap) wasn’t worth it.

We arrived DFW 25 minutes early. I took the opportunity to visit the United Club in Terminal E. It’s a small one and they close at 7:30 p.m., which I assume is around the time that the last UA flight departs. I had a beer, a few nibbles and then took the Skytrain back to Terminal B. DFW is a massively huge airport – it’s a long ride to go around.

Another Group 4 boarding pass, I was one of the last to board this ERJ-145. It’s the same configuration as the United Express aircraft, but I was in 10A, not 12A. Short flight with a beverage service, we arrived on time. Nothing unusual.

Total Trip Cost: $ 528.10
Actual Airfare: $ 471.16
Actual Miles Flown: 1804
Yield: $ 0.261 per mile
Taxes & Fees: $ 56.94, 10.78% of ticket price


DFW-ATL-LGA on Delta 25 May 2010

This will be my shortest trip report on record.

DL 2510 – My boyfriend and I were upgraded at the gate. I had 1C and he had 4D. We departed on time and arrived 22 minutes early. In-flight services included a full beverage service, snack basket service, and Gogo Inflight. We both used Gogo Inflight and e-mailed each other during the flight.

DL 2086 – We were seated in coach in an exit row when the FA came back to upgrade my boyfriend, as he was right ahead of me on the list, probably because he has flown one more segment than me this year (we are both Gold Medallion and had the same fare basis and check-in time). Or maybe it was alphabetical? At any rate, he gave me the first class seat and I sat up front, which was super nice of him. Up front, in-flight services included a full beverage service, lunch, and Gogo Inflight. In the back, he had an exit row window with no one in the middle (that was where I was) and was able to get a complimentary snack box and adult beverage using the Sky Priority coupons that now come with one’s boarding passes when one isn’t upgraded early. We both used Gogo Inflight again. This flight also departed on time and arrived 22 minutes early.

Very predictable and consistent. Grade of A both flights.

LGA-ATL-DFW on Delta 22 May 2010

Another mostly good experience on Delta, which is why I don’t always post my trip reports.

John and I cleared our upgrades on both flights at our Gold Medallion window.

The first flight boarded and departed on time, with very little runway wait at LGA.  In fact we landed 20 minutes early in ATL, but had to wait for our gate and for some tarmac traffic to clear up before arriving our gate. However, we arrived at our gate only five minutes after our originally scheduled arrival.

The in-flight services included the usual continental breakfast: cereal, bagel, yogurt, and fresh fruit; full beverage service plus refills; and Delta short programming.

When we deplaned, we discovered that our flight to DFW was delayed, but I never did find out why.  During the interim, we spent some time in the A17 Sky Club, then at Chili’s in the A concourse for lunch. I had some travel business to take care of while eating lunch, so I was thankful to be able to tether my BlackBerry and use my Verizon Broadband Connect service to do that, since Internet is not free in ATL. Nothing like multitasking!

After lunch, we hurried to our gate where boarding had already started. The Sky Priority lane worked like a charm, so we avoided the regular boarding line.  We ended up departing an hour late, but arrived only 16 minutes late, so that flight is obviously very padded.

My flight to DFW was very interesting and productive.  I had travel work to continue, plus I had to be in contact with a client, so I used two Gogo Inflight accounts at the same time:  one for my computer and one for my iPod Touch, so I could search via my computer and send text messages via my TextNow iPod Touch app.  I have never been so thankful for Gogo Inflight and because I was working, the flight time went by very quickly.  In-flight service consisted of a full beverage service and the snack basket, plus refills.

If you fly often and use Gogo Inflight with any frequency, I recommend the new monthly subscription plan for $34.95, good on any Gogo-equipped airline. I could not have completed my work without it.

I had checked a bag and it was tagged Sky Priority.  It was the third bag out.  Since Sky Priority started, my bag has always come out within the first five bags each time I have checked a bag.