JFK-SFO-JFK 13 and 17 March 2011

JFK-SFO-JFK is a BusinessElite service route in the first class cabin and it was an outstanding experience, really top notch. It was one of the best upgrade scores of my frequent flying career since I started earning status in 1997. Both my boyfriend and I, Delta Gold Medallion, were upgraded at the gate both directions. The aircraft configuration was an international configuration with reclining seats with footrests, personal reading lights, and personal television monitors. The amenities and service were as follows: 

1. Dasani, larger pillow, lightweight comforter-like blankets, and a noise-canceling headset at each seat
2. Full pre-departure beverage service
3. Hot towel service
4. Beverage service
5. Warm nuts service (lunch)
6. Two-course meal service (breakfast and lunch)
7. Dessert (lunch)
8. Warm chocolate chip cookie service
9. Numerous beverage refills and snack basket service
10. Personal in-flight entertainment
11. Gogo Inflight Internet for a fee

The first 16 photos of this album were taken on this trip.  There you will find the meal and amenity photos.  The album is part of my public travel assistant company page on Facebook, so please take a look. I also welcome you to become a fan of the page while you’re there.


TRI-ATL-LGA on Delta 8 May 2009

DL 5331 TRI-ATL 5:45PM-6:49PM CRJ Seat 8B Exit
DL 1794 ATL-LGA 7:40PM-10:06PM 757-200 ETOPS Seat 3B BusinessElite

I am so lucky to fly from TRI!  There is almost always no line, no waiting for either check in or security!  I completed both quickly, enjoyed a few minutes in the TRI Business Center, then boarded.  Delta Medallions boarded first, then by zone.  We pushed back early, but took a 30-minute ATC hold.  We finally departed at 6:10 pm, 25 minutes past scheduled departure.  There was no service en route, but the flight was a quick 41 minutes, and we landed only two minutes past our original arrival time.

I made my way from C44 to E34 and my flight to ATL was delayed about 15 minutes.  When we boarded, the gate agent scanned my boarding pass and a new seat assignment, 3B, popped out.  When I got to the plane, I realized there had been an equipment change to a 757-2oo ETOPS, which has a smaller first class section, actually an international BusinessElite section, with personal IFE in the armrests, individual reading lights, and nearly lie-flat seats with leg and foot rests!  I was psyched as this was my first time on one of these birds!  And my seatmate was a Delta flight attendant who primarily works 767 international flights, so he was a wealth of knowledge.  We had  a great time chatting at the beginning and end of the flight.  During the flight, we both used our IFE.  He watched a movie, while I watched old episodes “Friends” and “Frasier.”

In-flight service was dinner:  a pasta chicken salad with grated cheese, tomato, and olives; fresh fruit (grapes and slices of peach, pineapple, and apple), breadsticks, and a caramel chocolate brownie.  I also enjoyed a few of the Rande Gerber Signature margaritas.

We took off at 8:00 pm and landed a few minutes early at 9:58 pm.  What a great ride and flight.  The BusinessElite seats were very comfortable, the service was excellent, and the company of my flight attendant friend was very nice!