About C’est Beth Travel

C’est Beth

I am a longtime frequent flyer, travel manager, travel and wine blogger, and customer advocate. I am affiliated as independent travel provider with Montrose Travel, CST #1018299-10. I offer full-service travel planning as well as a private-labeled customer travel website. My responsibilities include planning domestic and international travel and serving as the intermediary between my clients and travel providers during travel irregularities. I have contributed blog posts to theBrideScoop, CheapOair, Consumer Traveler, Follow Your Passion, GotSaga, Jetiquette®/Sky Steward®, Plum Deluxe, Things You Should Do, and Traveling Wine Chick. I’m an airline customer relations liaison and FFOCUS Policy Committee member, as well as a forum member of FlyerTalk and MilePoint. In addition to travel, I am a Wine Club Coordinator at a winery in Napa Valley.


3 thoughts on “About C’est Beth Travel

  1. Thanks for mentioning Bell! You guys need to come back to Napa for crush, Anthony wants to meet the woman who likes our status all the time! : ))

    Take care,


  2. Hi Beth! Great Blog!

    I work in a law firm in NY that is investigating “foreign transaction fees” from credit card institutions when you purchase international flights online from a US website. If you or anyone you know has been subjected to these fees, we would be happy to offer free advice legal advice to help recoup losses. You can contact Jerome Noll, Esq by email at jnoll@mdpcelaw.com or Melissa Wu by phone at (914) 517-5076.


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