Delta Air Lines and The Perfect Misconnect

My flights on Delta have become so consistently good that these trip reports have probably become boring. This weekend’s roundtrip to New York LaGuardia was the same except for one incident. There was a mechanical delay that affected the inbound flight that was to be my flight from TRI to ATL. Once the aircraft arrived, everything went find except that we were terribly behind. We arrived at the gate in Atlanta 17 minutes prior to the departure of my connecting flight, but by the time I deplaned, I only had 10 minutes. I hurried as much as one can from the D concourse to the B concourse, including running up the escalator. I think I arrived a few minutes prior to scheduled departure, but the door was already shut. I said, “I’ve missed this flight?” and the agent said yes and pointed me to one of the rebooking machines. I scanned my boarding pass and my new itinerary printed, but was jammed in the machine. An agent nearby came over and helped me properly print my new itinerary. I saw I was rebooked on the next flight, the 6:35 p.m. departure, so I headed to the Sky Club to check in. I know I must have appeared out of breath and a bit disheveled when I arrived, but the club agent was so kind. He checked me in, assigned me my favorite exit row aisle seat, and said, “It looks good for the upgrade. In fact, I bet it will clear before you get to the gate.” I sat down for a drink and a snack, then went to my gate. When I arrived, the upgrade standby list had at least 20 people on it. As I quickly scanned it, my name was not on it. The monitor showed all seats checked in and the cabin full, so I went ahead and boarded. As the gate agent scanned my boarding pass, out popped my upgraded seat assignment, seat 6D. I could not figure out how I skipped ahead of all of those on the waitlist, then it dawned on me that my club angel must have taken care of me. The consistently good service in the air and on the ground, as well as random acts of kindness like this, are why I continue to fly Delta Air Lines.


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