Another great Delta experience

When I read all of the horror stories online about Delta Air Lines, I don’t get it. I fly at least four flights per month and I rarely have issues. When I do, they are resolved in the best way possible. If I feel like I have been treated wrongly, I contact customer service. Most airline delays, cancellations, and misconnections stem from issues beyond the airline’s control, primarily weather and air traffic control. If the issue is mechanical or related to crew scheduling, then the airline should re-accommodate you on the next available flight to your destination. That’s the reality whether we like it or not. I have learned to expect the worst and go with the flow, as long as what happens is according to airline and/or federal policy. The key is good customer service, even in a time of adversity, and I think Delta has made great improvements.

At any rate, I had another good experience on Delta this weekend. All four of my flights were on time or early, thanks to splendid East Coast weather this weekend. I was particularly pleased with the first class service from Atlanta to New York, as there were a few differences from four weeks ago. Delta has upgraded their tablecloths and napkins to cream-colored linen. They have upgraded their glassware as well. All of the new amenities can be viewed at this link. I love the new glassware, which is perfect for cocktails, beer, and wine, and much easier to hold than a standard highball-type glass.

The other three flights were consistently good and I received the service that I have come to expect from Delta.


2 thoughts on “Another great Delta experience

  1. I think infrequent fliers don’t understand all of the factors that come into play, such as weather, ATC, maintenance, crew, etc., so they are easily frustrated when things go wrong. They may also not know the best way to seek re-accommodation or the proper way to complain should policy not be followed or customer service be poor.

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