Day 6: Travel home

In retrospect, I would not have said yes to everything, which resulted in 10 flights across the course of a week, six days of airports. They are exhausting.

At any rate, I flew home for a brief 12 hours before flying to New York today. The flights yesterday were uneventful. I missed my third upgrade of the year on the high-elite route of Richmond-Atlanta. But I had an exit row aisle seat and used a drink coupon for a glass of wine. The flight departed a bit late due to a late-arriving aircraft and arrived a few minutes late into Atlanta.

I stood by for an earlier flight home, but it was oversold. I went to the nearest Sky Club and spent the better part of two hours there before my original flight home. That flight departed almost an hour late due to a traffic jam on the runway in Atlanta. But we made good time in the air and I only arrived 18 minutes late.


4 thoughts on “Day 6: Travel home

  1. I am Gold and I can stand by or move up within three hours of the earlier flight’s departure time at no charge. For non-elites, I think it is $50.

  2. DL Same day confirmed is free for PM & DM. This is a confirmed re-booking to another flight within the 3hours prior to the flight

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