TRI-ATL-LGA, LGA-PWM-LGA, LGA-ATL-TRI on Delta, June 2-6, 2011

This is going to be very brief. I flew six segments on Delta and Delta Connection June 2-6 and all of the flights were consistently good, even the flight with the mechanical delay at the gate (ATL-LGA on June 2, a 757-200). The pilot kept us updated every 20-30 minutes, the flight attendants served us snacks and drinks, the plane was kept cool, and we had full use of our portable electronic devices. A few passengers asked to deplane to try to get on another flight and were accommodated. The pilot went back to coach at one point and spoke to some who were getting restless, which I thought was a nice move. I believe his gesture and explanation caused some of them to stick it out. We were at the gate about two hours, from boarding until pushback. Once we departed, we received Delta’s consistently good service in the air. I am glad that the pre-flight safety check yielded a leaky hose in the hydraulic system BEFORE we took off, the TOC (Technical Operations Center) had the part(s) needed, and the mechanics repaired the leak quickly and safely. I received a survey about the delay a day or two later and completed it, saying the delay was handled as well as could be expected.


4 thoughts on “TRI-ATL-LGA, LGA-PWM-LGA, LGA-ATL-TRI on Delta, June 2-6, 2011

  1. I wish Delta would do maintenance before the passengers get on the plane. On my San Diego to Madrid trip last month, there were two maintenance delays on four flight segments – two-and-a-half hours and just over one hour. I was not a Happy Harlot. Thank god they served wine!


    Nannette Eaton

  2. Usually that sort of maintenance is really a mechanical issue that isn’t discovered until the pilots go through their pre-flight checklist. The delay above was discovered by the pilots as they were checking the computers, etc. It was a two-margarita delay! I had two of their new Margaritaville-branded margaritas while they repaired the plane! 🙂

  3. Arrive Rochester International Airport for flight to Boston to speak to a group of industry leaders6 15 a.m. I complete the security procedures and learn my US Air flight has been delayed with no information about how long the delay might be6 20 a.m.

  4. For airline delays that are not announced, I walk up to an agent and ask, visit the website (it often says the cause of the delay), or I call the airline. Gate agents are supposed to update passengers every 30 minutes or so regarding the status of any delays.

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