The Second Annual FlyerTalk Delta Air Lines Event in Atlanta

The The Second Annual FlyerTalk Delta Air Lines Event in Atlanta held October 21-24, 2010 was a fantastic event.  The Delta executives and employees were very welcoming to us, the HVCs (High Value Customers). I witnessed a genuine appreciation for us, the customers, as well as for Delta employees.  I love that Delta has recommitted itself to customer service and that they have added back the Red Coat PSAs (Passenger Service Agents).  Becoming a PSA is a promotion within the Delta agent system.

I had fun in the simulator and didn’t do very well (LOL), but the best part of the event for me was working as a gate agent for about four hours or so on Saturday morning.  My frequent flyer partner and I worked two flights, one to Seattle and one to Belize, so we experienced the domestic and international boarding experience.  We worked a third flight to San Juan until I discovered a gate change (Delta gate agents are not notified of gate changes, they have to figure it out themselves by looking it up manually on their terminals, or by seeing it pop up on the airport monitors, NOT their own computer terminals).  We scanned boarding passes, made announcements, and took the paperwork to the pilots and flight attendants.  I also learned the commands JLAN (flight departure/arrival/gate info), SKD (flight schedules), and * + PNR to look up a passenger’s record.  A flight has to be pushed within zero to two minutes of scheduled departure, or the gate agent is written up, unless there’s a mechanical or weather delay of some sort.

We had a dinner with Delta execs and management from various departments the first night and Katharine Lee, aka Deltalina, was there, too.  We had a Delta trivia competition and the winning table split 1,000,000 SkyMiles.  Delta also gave each of us a bag of Delta goodies, such as a model Boeing 777, a T-shirt, mouse pad, pen, etc.

The other two dinners were mostly us, the participants, with a few Delta employees in attendance.  Our dinners were held at Piedmont Park, Prime, and the Georgia Aquarium, and Delta, American Express, and SunTrust picked up the tab.

Other activities included visiting the Operations Control Center and the Technical Operations Center.

There was also Road Warrior Training I and II this year (I did not participate in either due to money and time constraints.  Each was $150).


2 thoughts on “The Second Annual FlyerTalk Delta Air Lines Event in Atlanta

  1. This sounds amazing AND it’s obvious Delta put a lot of thought into it in order to make it a special experience. Thanks for giving this report….I wish I could have heard you over the PA system:)

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