New York LaGuardia roundtrip on Delta 17-19 Sept 2010

I bought this ticket eight days out and it was the lowest fare I’ve gotten from TRI in months, but still quite high.

I cleared both my outbound and return upgrades at my Gold Medallion window.

All in all my flights were good.  My departure from TRI and my return from LGA were both delayed, but the schedules are so padded that I still arrived either on time, or about 15 minutes late, respectively.  The flights between TRI and ATL are all “by request only”  service.  However, on the outbound to ATL, that flight attendant did absolutely nothing – no cabin walk-throughs, no exit row spiel, no trash pick-up, nothing.  The return flight attendant did all of this and passed through the cabin taking “by request” orders.  However, on that flight, I actually dozed the entire 40 minutes.

My flights between ATL and LGA were both on old NW 757-200 (N) (5500 series) aircraft.  They are very old 752s that have been in service since before 1995.  They have very small overhead bins and still have the NW cloth seats in F, cutouts in the bulkhead in the first rows of F, and a drop-down, fabric panel separating the F cabin from Y cabin.  The legroom and service on both flights were very good.  On the outbound flight, I sat beside a Delta international flight attendant and we had no Gogo Inflight Internet, so we talked the entire way.  She also gave me some drink coupons.  The service, since it was after 8:00 pm, was snack basket and beverages only.  On the return, I had a cold plate lunch (chicken wrap or Cobb salad) and beverage service. I had pre-departure beverages both directions and the seats were prepared for boarding with the small Dasani water bottles, blankets, and pillows.

Grade for all flights = A, except for the flight attendant who did nothing, F.


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