Dear Delta Air Lines Customer Care

August 8, 2010

Dear Delta Air Lines Customer Care,

On August 4, 2010, I was scheduled to fly from Tri-Cities, through Atlanta, to Daytona Beach. I arrived at 10:00 am for my 11:17 am flight, DL 5462. I passed through security and 15 minutes later, I received an e-mail and telephone update that my flight was delayed and I had been re-accommodated. There was no gate agent past security to assist me and the other customers, so I had to call Delta to obtain a seat assignment, and my boyfriend waiting for me in Atlanta had to “re-check me in,” so that the system would put me in the upgrade queue. I also contacted @DeltaAssist via Twitter for re-confirmation of my new flight and to find out that the delay was mechanical. For nearly two hours, Delta-Mesaba did not provide a gate agent, nor were any announcements made about the delay until 11:53 am, 36 minutes AFTER the original departure time, when a gate agent arrived to deplane and board a flight from/to Detroit. At that time, she announced that the inbound plane from Atlanta was due in at 12:10 pm. That was it. At the time she arrived, she was not immediately busy, so I asked her if she would print my new connecting flight boarding pass and she refused, saying, “It would mess up my itinerary.”

I thought that not providing timely announcements, nor the reason for the delay, nor a gate agent to assist, was in violation of Delta’s Contract of Carriage.  The mechanical delay did result in me misconnecting in Atlanta and arriving in Daytona Beach three hours after my originally scheduled arrival. I was very disappointed in the lack of information, assistance, and the poor attitude of the gate agent, once she did arrive the gate area.  I hope that Delta will retrain the personnel at Tri-Cities, so that they perform in a more proactive, customer-friendly manner, in accordance with Delta’s Contract of Carriage.


2 thoughts on “Dear Delta Air Lines Customer Care

  1. I’ve really never experienced the kinds of issues you mentioned above. Up until June, my issues have been very minor (lots of delays and always having to run through the airport in Minneapolis!) yet I continue to fly with them because for the most part, they’ve done their job and because of my miles. However, on my latest trip (when I went to Washington State) they broke the foot off my brand new luggage and put several of us, including myself, on the wrong aircraft and almost didn’t let us re-board the correct one! I guess that’s what I get for flying home from an airport that only has 4 gates! A bit disappointing but I will let it slide…

  2. I feel the same as you. I have had mostly good experiences on Delta and they are still my airline of choice, but this was not a good experience from the customer service point of view. You would think that service would be more personalized at a small regional airport, but it was not on this occasion. I am just glad I had my BlackBerry, my boyfriend, and @DeltaAssist on Twitter to help me!

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