US Airways Club at LaGuardia: A Review

I realized today that I haven’t been to this club, or to the US Airways LaGuardia Terminal, since 2008. So I thought a brief review was in order.

The club is still very relaxing and the free Internet rocks, although as a “guest,” I had to ask for a T-Mobile access code. How pre-merger Delta!

Most of the clientele was businesspeople. It wasn’t crowded.

For breakfast hours, there were muffins, yogurt, coffee, and choice of juices. They do still have US Airways-logo silverware and glassware.

The snacks at “lunchtime” include Fiesta Snack Mix and Kettle Classics® Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt chips.

I also decided to check out the bar. The free beer choices are Bud/Bud Light and the free wine choices are Berenger’s. Other adult beverages are “premium” selections and cost additionally. Boo. So, this Bud Light’s for you!

Score = B


3 thoughts on “US Airways Club at LaGuardia: A Review

  1. I’ve always liked the LGA club. In terms of size and layout, it’s one of the best in the system. I was just there before Thanksgiving and, among other things, the bar service was excellent. My only complaint is that it isn’t very close to the Shuttle gates.

    Can’t beat the location of the CLT C club, but I’m really glad they have kept open the CLT B club for the B-gate connections.

    Also, it’s great that CO joined Star Alliance and we can use their clubs too. I regularly travel to Austin and Atlanta, and although they’re somewhat small, I really like the CO clubs at both airports. The US clubs should follow CO’s lead and offer rail drinks on the house, in addition to the beer and wine …

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