Wyndham’s non-rewards, expiration without notification

Wyndham’s non-rewards, expiration without notification

During the holidays, I attempted to log into my Wyndham Rewards account to book a hotel stay and discovered my account had been closed and I had lost 5,500 points, 500 points short of a one-night stay. I contacted Wyndham Rewards and was told that my account had been closed because there had been no activity for 18 months. I was surprised, not at the policy, but because I had never received written or electronic statements or notification of my expiration date.

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2 thoughts on “Wyndham’s non-rewards, expiration without notification

  1. Ridiculous! I like their hotels but this is ridiculous. Good thing there are a lot of other hotels out there to stay at!

  2. Other hotels like Days Inn and some others also participate in their rewards program, which has to be the most restrictive program I’ve ever participated in. I mean, no notification of pending expiration, and if you don’t use your points in 4 years, they also expire!

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