TRI-ATL-LGA-ATL-TRI on Delta 9-11 October 2009

I apologize for not posting this sooner, but this trip was flawless except for two issues:

–On October 9, I was scheduled to fly TRI-CVG-LGA.  Delta contacted me and let me know that I was going to misconnect and offered me an involuntary reroute through ATL.  Well, it ended up that my original flight was NOT delayed, but the flight they rerouted me on WAS delayed.  I misconnected in ATL and was backed up on the last flight out of ATL.  I barely made that last connection due to the delay, and I lost the upgrade on the flight I missed.  I was stuck sitting in 31A window.  The flight did have Gogo Inflight Internet, so I managed to surf the Internet for the duration of that flight.  There was no in-flight service from TRI-ATL and the standard coach snack and beverage service was offered from ATL-LGA.  That flight arrived on time.

–On my return from LGA-ATL, I was upgraded and enjoyed continental breakfast and the standard beverage and snack basket service.  On the flight from ATL-TRI, we were delayed due to a computer glitch that prevented an accurate weight and balance reading, so the pilots ended up having to do it the old-fashioned way, with “pen and paper,” they announced.  There was no in-flight service and we landed about 30-40 minutes late without incident.

Today I checked my Delta SkyMiles account and noticed that I had been proactively awarded 2500 “Customer Relations Bonus Miles” on October 13.  I assume that was due to the involuntary reroute.


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