TRI-ATL-LGA on Delta 1 Oct 2009

DL 5570 TRI-ATL 205P-318P CRJ-200 Seat 3B Aisle
DL 1788 ATL-LGA 440P -709P 757-200 Seat 19D Exit Aisle

The first flight from TRI-ATL was fairly uneventful as usual.  We departed about 25 minutes late and still landed early, but our gate was still occupied, so we had to wait.  The flight attendant announced there would be no beverage service due to the “short duration,” but did pass through the cabin offering coffee or water.  Our delay was due to a late-arriving inbound aircraft and our flight was full due to a previous cancellation.  I offered to take a bump to a later flight, but when the agents looked at my itinerary, they decided it was in my best interest to stay on my original flights.

I had time to visit the A17 Sky Club for about 20 minutes in between flights, where I enjoyed mixed nuts, olives, and an Atlanta Sweetwater brew.

When I arrived my departure gate, boarding had already started and I missed the upgrade by one. However, seat 19D has more legroom than first class, but has a narrower seat due to the tray table in the armrest.

We departed on time and were airborne within 15 minutes of gate departure.  The in-flight service consisted of complimentary snacks and snacks/snack boxes for sale.  I purchased one of the snack boxes to see what it contained and I must say I was impressed: pita chips, hummus, a mini Toblerone, a small chocolate chip granola-type bar, dried apricots, almonds, a wet nap, and mini Delta playing cards!  I also took advantage of the Gogo Inflight Internet, so the time passed quickly.  I also enjoyed talking to the flight attendant who was seated facing me at the exit.  We landed 23 minutes early at LGA.


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