TRI-CVG-LGA on Delta 17 July 2009

DL 6520 TRI-CVG 12:30 pm-1:33 pm CRJ Seat 8B Exit
DL 1216 CVG-LGA 2:10 pm-4:09 pm MD-90 Seat 1C

These two flights were mostly uneventful, except the first flight departed 21 minutes late and arrived five minutes late.  There was no service in flight.  By the time it arrived at the gate, I only had about 20 minutes to make my connection.  However, the travel gods were with me:  The train from concourse A to concourse B was there upon my arrival at the foot of the escalator and my departure gate was B11, which was very close to the top of escalator in the B concourse.  Upon boarding, I received a pre-departure drink, a Fetzer Sauvignon Blanc.  We pushed back on time and were airborne at 2:22 pm.  In-flight service included a full beverage service (more Fetzer Sauvignon Blanc), the first class snack basket, and the plane was equipped with Gogo Inflight Internet, which made the flight time pass very quickly.  The connection and speed were good and I enjoyed some productive time in flight.  We arrived LaGuardia very early at 3:51 pm.


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