The New Delta Airlines, They Love To Fly And It Shows by VPP

The New Delta Airlines, They Love To Fly And It Shows!

Okay…when I relay this story and this trip report, it’s going to sound like we’re talking about Nordstrom’s….I’m not. I’m talking about a story that was Delta Air Lines. And I’m still in a bit of shock and disbelief myself over it. It’s such a good story…and it’s an airline…so I thought I should take a moment and share it with you, the readers.

For a few weeks, I had been working to get meetings set up for my team in Charleston, SC and Roanoke, VA to introduce our new East Coast Manager to them. Our East Coast Manager is flying Delta, mostly because of her schedule and the fact it fits her timing well. So, we booked her on Delta, LGA-CHS on one PNR, CHS-ROA, both of us, on another PNR and then ROA-LGA on yet another PNR.

The date came, June 16, and we were to fly to CHS. Now, we all know, late spring, early summer, the weather in the south and Midwest is one, big, potential thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening. So, getting where you are going in the a.m. is critical. We did just that, scheduled our manager our of LGA (which I affectionately refer to as “LaGarbage”) first thing, non-stop on DL 6553. As my flight was leaving EWR on CO, our manager texted me and said, “delayed.” I took off, landed in CHS….and she was further “delayed.”

To make a long story short, she never made it to CHS…and it took 5 hours before DL fessed up and said, “The flight is cancelled, mechanical.” The story doesn’t end there….

Our manager FINALLY found someone to help her and re-booked her the next morning…by passing CHS and heading straight to ROA. The idea being, “okay, we missed that meeting, let’s not miss again.” So, back to LGA went our manager…and she boarded a flight to ATL, in first class, and arrived exactly nine minutes late…at the T gates. The connecting gate, where I was, was D32….and if you know ATL, even with a very efficient train system, that’s a haul. But make that trek she did…only to get to gate D32, both doors open, the gate and the airplane, and was denied boarding, “Sorry, it’s 10 minutes before departure, we won’t put you on, FAA regulation.”

Now that is just OBSCENE! And wrong…and a lie. It’s NOT an FAA regulation!

Be that as it may, we took off, without my sidekick, and went on….we never made it to ROA…but that too is another story, which ended well, by the way, courtesy of some GREAT UA Express customer service.

Meanwhile, our manager had to get back to LGA and for the week, never made it anywhere.

In any case, I was livid…and I made sure our professional travel manager knew about it. She promptly wrote DL and relayed the story…and was given….$400 in vouchers and an apology. When our travel manager asked for my thoughts, I said, “UNACCEPTABLE! The product did not perform, no one got where they were going, we lost money on hotels, cab rides and not to mention, lost time, doing nothing, getting NOWHERE!!”

I was truly outraged.

So, our travel manager (who owns this blog for the record) wrote back….and lo and behold! Delta agreed! And refunded our money!

Now, forgetting for a moment we had to write back, this is just outstanding and, in my world, unprecedented. Truly, unprecedented!

Long story short….I’ll book Delta with confidence…for myself and our traveling team. They clearly love to fly, and it shows!


2 thoughts on “The New Delta Airlines, They Love To Fly And It Shows by VPP

  1. I have to say Delta Airlines is the worst Airline I have ever used. My wife is flying them right now and the crew along with customer service were very rude and unhelpful. We will never use Delta Airlines again and I recommend that no one uses them.

  2. I must disagree with your opinion. We all have occasional negative experiences, but I have flown DL on 35 flights this year and I have not had any problems whatsoever. I had one diversion to another airport during bad weather and DL provided me with a discounted hotel and got me home the next day.

    I have good connections with customer service at Delta, so if anyone ever has a problem that is not resolved using regular channels, please contact me via my blog and I will share that information with you.

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