LGA-ATL-TRI on Delta 26 April 2009

DL 427 LGA-ATL 1255P-327P seat 27C 757-200 (E)
DL 5331 ATL-TRI 441P-551P seat 8B Exit CRJ-200

Nearly another flawless trip!  I arrived at LGA earlier than expected, passed quickly through security with my Clear card, and spent about 45 minutes in the LGA Delta Sky Club.  I must commend Delta on the improvement they have made allowing all club patrons to access complimentary Internet using their provider, T-Mobile HotSpot.  All you have to do is either select member and enter your SkyMiles number or select Guest if you are not a member!  The only minor complaint I had about my club visit today was that the snacks were slim to none.  There were a few Biscoffs, some pretzels, and some apples, that was it.

When I arrived at my gate, the agent was already boarding zones 1-4.  I had already checked my upgrade status online and I was number four of 11 on standby for one seat, so I knew I had no shot at first class.  I boarded and was disappointed to find out that this version of the 757-200 did not have exit rows over the wings as per the seat map and my boarding pass designation, so I had a “regular” coach seat with very little legroom.  However, I was happy to have in-flight entertainment in my seat back.

We pushed back and took a little bit of an Air Traffic Control delay due to traffic flow in and out of ATL, but we were airborne within 35 minutes of our scheduled departure time and we made up some time in the air.  In-flight service consisted of a full-beverage service and complimentary and for-sale snacks in coach.  I purchased an Amstel Light for $5 and a bag of Peanut M&Ms for $2.  For those who don’t know, DL matched NW’s $5 beer prices, but kept wine and cocktails at $7.

After the beverage and snack service, a flight attendant made another pass through the coach cabin with a tray of coffee.  Now that was a nice touch I did not expect!

Having a spare pair of earbuds came in handy.  I watched two TV shows during my flight, “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,” the excellent April 2008 episode called “Authority” guest starring Robin Williams, YouTube teaser here, and an old episode of “Friends,” both of which made the flight go by so quickly.  In spite of our delay, we arrived about five minutes earlier than our scheduled arrival.  However, we had to wait for someone to operate the jetway.  All-in-all, the flight met my expectations.

I made my way to the Sky Club in Concourse C for a quick stop and was thrilled to see they were sitting out the evening goodies:  my favorite olives, hummus and crackers, carrots, celery, packaged cheddar cheese, Biscoffs, pretzels, etc.!  Of course I had some olives!

I arrived at my gate, which was just beside the club, and boarding had just started.  We boarded quickly and were ready to depart on time, but there was trouble moving the jetway away from the aircraft.  Finally we pushed back, took a short wait on the runway to take off, and then were airborne around 5:05 pm, about 24 minutes past scheduled departure.  However, the time en route was only about 40 minutes, so we still arrived early around 5:45 pm.  There was no service at all during the very full flight, but it was peaceful and relaxing.  The only minor issue I had was that my seat mate, a young, 20-something guy, took off both his socks and shoes during the flight.  I’m sorry, but that’s just really appealing to me!  LOL!


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