A review of the Hotel Indigo in Houston, TX, by Gregg Sales

The Hotel Indigo in Houston, Texas, is a breath of fresh air starting with the colors chosen to paint the exterior. As soon as you walk in the lobby you are confronted with a light, fresh, and fun space with unique furniture. I never thought about the effect that wall colors could have until I stayed at the Indigo. This carries through the lobby, elevator, hallways, and into your room.

The designers of the Hotel Indigo think about the client experience. When you walk in the room you hear music playing (they have a collection of their own music in the CD player). The rooms have hardwood floors, fun colors, and full wall murals behind the bed. They have a tray sitting on the bed with a water pitcher, glasses, the remote, and other useful information. There are many floor and table lamps. All the furniture is free standing as opposed to built-in. There is an armoire for the TV and for hanging clothes. The beds have modern covers with many lavish pillows. The soaps and shampoos in the bathroom are all Aveda products. They only have large showers with partial glass walls and freestanding wooden benches.

All in all it just feels good/comfortable to stay here. I would recommend you give it a try if you have an opportunity.


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