DL 1356 DCA-LGA 2:30-3:40 pm 28 December 2008

DL 1356 DCA-LGA 2:30-3:40 pm

We arrived DCA early and were not sure where to check in. The main ticketing area was a madhouse and the metro level check in kiosks were unstaffed and for carry-on bags only. We went back up to the ticketing level and ended up checking in at a bank of kiosks that was staffed by agents who could tag bags. When we got to the security checkpoint, we noticed another check in for the shuttle. Oh well! I used the Clear line and J the regular security line. I passed through a good 10 minutes quicker. I love Clear and now with photo ID Clear cards, that’s the only ID needed! If anyone wants a referral, I can provide a code which gives each of us a free month. Just e-mail me. The annual fee does go from $159 to $199 on Jan. 1.

We spent about an hour in the CRC enjoying our complimentary adult bevs. The bartender was nice. T-Mobile HotSpot hiccuped on me near the end, rejecting my login. That made me kinda irritated since I pay for it.

We made our way to the gate where the line was forming for free-for-all boarding, but this time they at least boarded specials, then zone 1, zone 2, etc. F ended up being full. There was no pre-dep bev or coats taken. We backed away a few minutes past published departure, but took an ATC hold due to shifting wind direction and runway change. We ended up taking off at 3:06 pm, 36 minutes past the published departure time of 2:30 pm.

In-flight service SUCKED. All we received were mini Dasanis. That was it. No snack basket. There is no way in hell someone should buy F for this, no reason whatsoever.

There was also no Gogo. J volunteered to take me to Gogo on the way home. He even volunteered to go in with me. LOL

We landed about 10 minutes past the published arrival time, at 3:50 pm. My checked bag made the earlier shuttle and was already there when I arrived.

Trip Experience Ratings:
Convenience/Schedule – B (ATC delay)
Comfort/Service – C (F no better than coach except a bigger seat)
Boarding – C (DL needs to stop the free-for-all boarding process already)
Check In – D (confusing)
Clear – A+++


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