October 31: ROA-IAD-EWR on UA

UA 7876 ROA-IAD 7:24 PM-8:30 PM
UA 7974 IAD-EWR 10:05 PM-11:22 PM

UA 7876 ROA-IAD EMB 145 seat 14B aisle no seatmate
We boarded up quickly and backed away from the gate on time, but took off 11 minutes late at 7:35 pm.  The flight was more than half empty, so we were able to spread out, which was nice.  The plane was also amazingly clean for an end-of-the day flight.  I also noticed pillows and blankets in a few of the overheads, too.  There was no in-flight “due to the short duration.”  We landed at IAD early at 8:10 pm, 20 minutes early.

UA 7974 IAD-EWR EMB 145 seat 14A
We boarded 15 minutes late; there were five flights going out of A3, doors 1 and 2, and it was a madhouse of confusion (Atlanta, Allentown, Detroit, Syracuse, and Newark.)  A creepy guy in the boarding area tried to talk to me and he ended up being on my flight.  Ewww…well, I guess it’s Halloween!  The FA also announced that the lav was broken and to “get off and go now!”  No announcement was made before we boarded, but that is always the absolute last thing I do before I board.  So glad I had pizza and NOT beer! 🙂 The flight was scheduled for 34 minutes take off to touchdown.  This flight was also less than half full.  We backed away from the gate at 10:11 pm and took off at 10:29 pm, 24 minutes late.  There was a full bev service in flight.  UA still has the cocktail-sized cups, but they are cheaper, flimsier, and no longer have a logo.  We landed at 11:14 pm, 8 minutes early.


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