October 24: RIC-CVG-TRI on DL


My transportation service was quick and got me to RIC in 15 minutes. The DL kiosk offered me an earlier flight through ATL for $50, but I declined…and thank goodness, two flights through ATL were already delayed.

Anyway, I had plenty of time to enjoy RIC’s free WiFi and my first Cheeburger Cheeburger (http://www.cheeburger.com/home2/index.asp). Those burgers are huge and pretty good, plus this is the only meal option inside of security on the B gates side besides the Sam Adams bar and a coffee place. Some guy just started talking to me out of the blue in the burger place, so I was kinda happy when the burger was gone and I had an excuse to go back to my gate waiting area.

When I went to the hotel business center to print my BPs, I noticed that both my flights today are absolutely full.

We were delayed in boarding by 20 minutes because they needed three weight and balance volunteers. The compensation was $400 DL dollars. I tried to volunteer, but the GA did not want to risk re-routing me through ATL where there were lengthy weather delays. We finally boarded at 1:50 pm and all passengers were loaded by 2:00 pm. At 2:06 pm, 23 hours 59 minutes in advance, I checked in Van for his flight tomorrow using WN’s mobile site, scoring an A BP, and then we backed away from the gate at 2:08 pm. We took off at 2:18 pm, 18 minutes late. We had the standard DL in-flight bev service and choice of three snacks. The ride was quite bumpy due to weather, but we landed 7 minutes early at 3:38 pm. We came in at A 16/18 and my TRI flight departed from the next gate, A 20/22. I tried to get online with my T-Mobile Hotspot subscription, but the only site I could access was that one. So I downloaded the Connection Manager for next time.

We boarded the next flight about 10 minutes late at 4:15 pm. We pushed back at 4:40 pm and took off at 4:53 pm., 18 minutes late. The flight time was scheduled for 40 minutes at 16k feet. In-flight service was by request only. We landed at 5:38 pm, 1 minute late.


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