October 19: LGA-CLT-TRI on US Airways

US 1177 LGA-CLT A319 seat 2D 10:00 am-12:08 pm
On my last day, this flight could not have gone any better, which is why I am very sad as I write this report. We boarded on time, with specials, then zone 1, etc. We pushed back 4 minutes early at 9:56 am and were airborne by 10:17 am. The safety video was the OLD one. I was familiar with the lead FA, I have been on quite a few of his flights before, and he has to be one of the nicest, most efficient, pleasant FAs around. In fact, all of the FAs looked so professional and were so nice that I gave them each an Above and Beyond and when the lead FA who was working F doled them out, each one of them came and personally thanked me profusely. I told them I wish I could have done more. This was a very moving experience.

The lead/F FA was great–he served our multiple times and he offered everyone a bottle of water to go. Someone came up from coach to get a cup of water so he or someone in his party could take medicine and he gave him a complimentary cup.

The flight was short and smooth and we landed at 11:33 am, 35 minutes early. We did have to wait about 15 minutes for our gate, which still put us into the gate 18 minutes early.

US 4559 TRI-CLT D3 seat 11C Exit 12:59-1:58 pm
We took a maintenance delay, but finally boarded at 12:55 pm, 26 minutes late.  We had shut the door when the pilot came out and opened the door again and three more passengers were allowed to board.  Our actual gate departure was at 1:17 pm, 18 minutes late, but we did not take off from ATL, uh, I mean CLT, until 1:42 pm, 43 minutes late. I fell asleep until we started taxiing down the runway. Shortly after we were airborne, the FA came around, took our drink orders, and offered us a COMPLIMENTARY bev service for our patience during the delay! I gave her an Above and Beyond and she said she’d give it to the captain, although I think they all deserved it really. Someone else tried to give the FA $5.00 for letting her on the plane when we opened back up and the FA declined, so I gace the FA another Above and Beyond for that lady to give her. We landed at 2:16 pm, 18 minutes late.


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