October 17: TRI-CLT-LGA on US Airways

US 4124, TRI-CLT D3 seat 11C exit 6:10-7:06 pm
The inbound aircraft arrived late, but we were boarded and pushed back by 6:10 pm. We took an ATC delay into CLT (the new ATL!) and departed at 6:29 pm, 19 minutes late. The FA did not sell a bev service. We landed at 7:18 pm, 12 mins late, and finally got to the gate 21 minutes late at 7:27 pm! I had to haul a$$ from E31B to D9 and Owen had his own issues w/US and was unable to come to D, so we talked on the phone as I power-walked to my gate. Upon arrival, zones 1-3 had already boarded.

US 1624, CLT-LGA A321 seat 2C faux (not refurbished; gray and worn interior) 8:00-9:53 pm
Faux class was full (one couple was downgraded as there was a “seat mix-up!”) and KATIE COURIC was in 3C (guess B6 was full? I hear she likes them…) There was a blanket and pillow in my seat and we received a full pre-dep bev service. I had a Bloody, no lime, one mini, in plastic of course. We pushed back on time and took off at 8:17 pm, 17 minutes late due to ATC again. In-flight service was “la crappe basket” and another Bloody for me, lime/2 minis/sticky (ewww!) can. Katie had water and appeared to be dozing or relaxing with her Bose headphones on (I went to the lav and noticed on the way back to my seat.) This bird still had IFE monitors with TravelQuest silently playing. 18 minutes out the FAs did the BofA spiel. We landed at 9:35 pm, 18 minutes early. Only 2 more US flights, thank God!


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