October 5: DL 905 LGA-ATL

05 OCT 2008
DL 905 LGA-ATL 8:00 AM-10:35 AM
Seat 6C, 757-200, 24 F seats

My fiancé dropped me off around 7:00 am. I reprinted my BP at the kiosk,was whisked through security by the Clear agent, and in the CRC for a quick coffee and yogurt by 7:10 am. We boarded on time at 7:30 am with specials, F, zone 1, etc. The GAs and FAs were all wearing some form of pink for breast cancer awareness month. They have some cool employee BC awareness T-shirts that I’d buy if they made them available for public purchase. I wore the pink ribbon that I received in the CRC Friday when I made a donation. In flight there was Minute Maid pink lemonade for sale for $2.00, with all proceeds being donated.

Like Friday, there were blankets, pillows, and mini Dasani bottles at each of the 24 F seats, 23 of which were occupied. We were served a full, pre-departure drink service in disposable cups (plastic or styrofoam.)

We pushed back at 7:58 am, but it took a while to be towed out of gate 1. We were in line for takeoff when the pilot announced there had been a runway change and we’d have to turn around and get in line going the other direction. We finally took off at 8:35 am, 35 minutes late, and our estimated flight time was 1 hour 56 minutes.

After we passed through 10k feet, one FA took our drink orders while the second passed out HOT TOWELS!  We were served our drink orders, then a continental breakfast (called a “light meal” on the flat screen gate monitor) consisting of Special K cereal, 2% milk, yogurt, fresh fruit, and a WARMED bagel with cream cheese.

The only ads present were an Amex Reserve CC coaster and a small, laminated GoToMeeting card the size of a short bookmark on my tray.  If that paid for my breakfast, then thank you!

Cockroach alert! After breakfast trays were removed, one of the FAs came through with the snack basket and I took a couple of bags of peanuts and my Dasani for my later DL Connection flight where there is not always service due to the “short duration.”

We landed at 10:25 am., 10 minutes early!

Grade = A+; As long as Delta loves me and treats me well, I will love Delta!


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