TRI-ATL-LGA October 3

DL 5133 TRI-ATL CRJ-100 seat 8B exit

This flight was so uneventful. Due to ATC delays in ATL, we departed 28 minutes late at 4:58 pm. There was absolutely no service in flight and to be honest, this CRJ’s interior was rather worn, sort of like some of the US planes I’ve been in. However, our flight time was only 40 minutes from takeoff to touch down, so we arrived at 5:38 pm. at gate D38, the last D gate at the end of the hallway.

CRC in ATL, near B-10

We had to wait a few minutes for our gate, but I was still able to get from the D concourse to a CRC in Concourse B, the one near B-10 and my flight gate was B-9, by around 6:10 pm. This is the CRC that is TINY and it was PACKED. I made my way to the agent to get my complimentary T-Mobile one-day pass for Internet, got a Bloody Mary at the bar and some snacks–olives, crackers and hummus spread, cheddar cheese, baby carrot sticks, and celery sticks–and found a table and chair near a power outlet. I ended up making this a quasi dinner and had more snacks and another Bloody. I left the CRC around my boarding time, 7:10 pm.

DL 926 ATL-LGA 757-200 with IFE in seatback seat 5C, First Class

I was upgraded nearly two days in advance of my flight, before midnight of the day of my actual upgrade window, which made me very happy. This was a 757 with 26 F seats and seatback IFE. Nice! We started boarding about five minutes late, around 7:15 pm, with first class and specials, then the remaining zones 2 and up.  Upon boarding there was a blanket, pillow, Dasani, and earbuds at every seat in F.  We received a pre-departure drink and I had my 3rd Bloody of the afternoon/evening.

We had to wait in line to take off and were airborne 25 minutes late, at 8:05 pm. At first I had no seatmate, but then someone moved back because her IFE audio was not working. The service consisted of a snack basket service similar to US and a full beverage service in glassware. I selected original Sun Chips and peanuts and had two of the Rande Gerber/Stirrings specialty drinks, two margaritas.

Around RDU, we were put in a holding pattern for about 15 minutes and the pilot said he did not know why exactly. During this time the FA came through the F cabin repeatedly to make sure we were OK with drinks and snacks. The pilot estimated an arrival of about 10 minutes late, at around 10:10 pm. He was great about updating us and being honest about not know the reason for the hold.

We landed at 10:02 pm, only a few minutes late. Now that, my friends, is some padding!

Important Note: Delta is having an October breast cancer awareness and fundraising drive. When you book a ticket online and check in online, 250 miles per transaction is donated to the cause and the customer also receives a 250-mile bonus per transaction. I was also able to donate money in the CRC and received a pink ribbon to wear as a token of my donation. In flight, the FAs sold a pink Kool-Aid type drink for $2.00, all going for the cause. I wanted to point this out because my younger sister just successfully survived breast cancer treatment this year and I think this is a WONDERFUL move by Delta. Bravo! If any of you are flying Delta this month, PLEASE book online, check in online, and drink the Kool-Aid!  You never know when this disease might strike yourself or someone you love.


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