LGA-CLT-TRI September 14

14 SEP 2008
US 899 LGA-CLT 8:15 AM-10:19 AM A321 seat 22D exit; no one in center seat

We boarded on time with specials, then F/zone 1, and so on, and the first thing I noticed was that this A321 was brand new, because the blue seats, consoles/armrests, and walls with the logo swoosh all matched, the plane was impeccably clean, the overhead controls/lights were new, and there were no IFE monitors! It looked very nice, I must admit. There were also tons of blankets and pillows in the bins over my row 22 that FAs handed out to pax by request.

The FAs had to perform the safety demo live since there was no IFE/safety video. The one at row 22 kept turning and looking at the FA in the front to make sure she stayed in sync.

We backed away from the gate 5 minutes early at 8:10 am and were airborne at 8:23 am, 8 minutes late. The takeoff was smooth and the flight quiet. The FAs came through with the à la carte bev service, but I had purchased my own water before boarding as a matter of principle only, as I paid $2.16 for it!  From row 22 forward, I only saw them sell one drink and the flight was almost full. So much for the extra income from bev sales.

The flight was very uneventful. We landed at 9:40 am, 39 minutes early.

14 SEP 2008
US 4459 CLT-TRI 11:16 AM-12:14 PM Dash 8 seat 4C exit

We boarded late, around 11:00 am, but there were only 9 passengers, so we were on and outta there by 11:10 am and were airborne by 11:21 am!

The FA offered to see us drinks, but there were no takers. We landed at TRI at 11:58 am, 16 minutes early.

The only notable from this flight was that I was wearing across my body a wallet-sized Coach purse with my phone and BlackBerry inside. I usually wear it when I have a seat in a bulkhead or a row where there is no under seat space, so I have my devices when I land, and never have I received a comment about it. However, when this FA did the pre-flight check, she made me take off the tiny bag and put it under my seat. I thought that was just a wee bit anal-retentive! I mean, I was wearing it across my body, so there was no way it would go flying through the air!


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