TRI-CLT-LGA September 12

12 SEP 2008
US 4124 TRI-CLT 6:10 PM-7:06 PM Dash 8-300 11C exit
US 1624 CLT-LGA 8:00 PM-9:53 PM A321 seat 1A

The inbound to TRI arrived 10 minutes late, but they turned the plane around quickly, boarded the 18 (of 52 possible) passengers up, moved a few to the back for weight and balance purposes, and we backed away 5 minutes early.  We were given a wheels-up time of 6:18 pm, 8 minutes late.  There was no in-flight service.  We landed 11 minutes early and arrived at the gate on time.

The flight to LGA started boarding 10 minutes late, but the doors were shut 1 minute late at 8:01 pm.  F had two empty seats until a pilot boarded and took seat 1F.  This A321 had the new blue/grey seat covers and there was a pillow and blanket at each seat.  There were bottles of water at most seats, but not 1A or 1C, my row (?) After the doors were shut, the male FA offered a pre-departure beverage in anticipation of a one-hour ground hold.  He served me a full party cup of mystery white wine.  After we backed away and started our taxi, the pilot announced a shorter hold of 20 minutes.  A couple of minutes later, he told the FAs to be seated, and next thing we knew, we were taking off even earlier, at 8:13 pm, only 13 minutes late.

I did notice when we took off that my seat back reclined slightly on its own!  For a minute there I braced myself but then I realized it was not going any further back on its own power!

In-flight service was the usual snack basket and bev service we have come to “love.”  Biscoffs, chips, snack mix, granola bars are what’s for dinner!

A while later, I finished what I had and wanted more wine and chips (no dinner-I was starving!)  I looked up for the FA and he was in the galley, standing and reading while eating an orange.  Finally he brought the basket back out and I was able to get more chips and he refilled my plastic wine “goblet” absolutely full again.  I was trying to figure out what the wine was–it was in a green bottle.

Other than a trip to the lav (appeared clean), the flight was very quiet and uneventful, except for the man in 2A snoring loudly!  I fell asleep.

We landed to the south on runway 22 in light rain showers at 9:53 pm., on time.


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