DL 907 and DL 4209 LGA-ATL-TRI September 1

Pre-trip report:
I arrived the DL terminal an hour and 15 minutes before my flight and was able to pass very quickly through security due to my Clear card. This time the Clear agent carried my purse and bag, arranged my computer, shoes, and quart bag in the bin for me, and told me go on through security, she would make sure my bins and bags came through–and they did. I was VERY impressed. It may have taken 2-3 minutes to pass through.

I arrived at the CRC and was greeted with a smile by the agent, who also addressed me by name as she scanned my BP. Today’s snacks included Montego Bay mix (primarily dried fruits and nuts), small cookies and pastries, and pretzel mix. I had orange juice, which I had to request from the bartender (sometimes it is already sitting out, self-serve.)

I looked at my BP and inflight service said, “refreshments” for F. Online it said “snack.” I am not sure if that means snack basket or something else.  Sometimes they have a continental breakfast snack and sometimes it is the basket, depending on the time and “route” competition. At any rate, I did eat breakfast, so I will be fine either way. At least I have a larger seat.

DL 907 LGA-ATL, 757-200 with 24 F seats and overhead monitors, seat 1C aisle:

When I arrived at the gate at 8:30 am, the agent was already boarding zone 3. We had a full pre-departure beverage service and there was a pillow, blanket, headphones (over ear), and a small bottle of Dasani at each seat upon boarding. Surprisingly, the early Labor Day morning flight was full. We pushed back on time at 8:55 am and took off at 9:10 am. The flight time was scheduled to be one hour 45 minutes, 761 miles en route. Two FAs, the male team leader and a female, worked the F section. One took our drink orders, addressing each of us by name and verifying whether we wanted the snack or not. There was a hot towel service and the “refreshments/snack” consisted of a beverage of one’s choice, 2% milk, cold cereal, fresh fruit (cantaloupe, grapefruit, and pineapple), yogurt, and bread. (PHOTO BELOW)

In-flight IFE was either music or the TV shorts interspersed with music videos and DL ads. One of the ads emphasized the 500-mile minimum earned on each flight.

We landed at ATL at 10:58 am, 37 minutes early. While taxiing to the gate, the FAs recognized the servicemen and women aboard the flight and all passengers responded with a round of applause.

I went to the C concourse CRC, which was right beside the gate for my connection. Upon check-in, the agent greeted me by name, scanned my BP, and notified me that my flight was on time.



We boarded on time. There were about 18-20 passengers on board. We backed away from the gate early at 12:18 pm and were airborne by 12:33 pm (scheduled departure was 12:25 pm.) We had a full beverage and snack service (crackers or peanuts), landed 18 minutes early at 1:09 pm, and arrived at the gate by 1:14 pm, still 13 minutes early. It was an uneventful, consistent flight.



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