DL 4302 and DL 926: TRI-ATL-LGA August 29

This flight was so uneventful, thank goodness! We departed eight minutes late at 5:43 pm. In flight, we had a full snack service, the normal choice of three, but the beverage service was water by request only. However, we landed at 6:23 pm, 26 minutes early. How much better can you get than that–a quick and easy 40-minute flight!

DL 926 ATL-LGA 757-200 Seat 5B (F), NFL SEATMATE!
I arrived at ATL and had about 10-15 minutes to hit the B10 CRC. That is by far the smallest CRC I have been in and it was PACKED. But somehow I got a cubicle and a T-Mobile card and was able to get online briefly and got a Bloody Mary, too!

I arrived at the gate at 7:10-7:15 pm and boarding had already stared and they were on zones 1-2 (DL boards F, zone 1, and then zone 2.) The gate agent did honor Breezeway boarding, so I was able to board rather quickly even though there was a regular line as well.

Once on board, our F seats had blankets, pillows, and the small bottles of Dasani. A guy came back from row 1 to sit with me, because he had switched with a father who was going to sit with his son. We struck up the usual small talk and our professions came up and he said he played football. Come to find out his name was Erik Coleman, http://www.nfl.com/players/erikcoleman/profile?id=COL271731. He played his first four years for the NY Jets and now is a starting free safety for the Atlanta Falcons. I was completely impressed how friendly and polite he was. He chatted with me about how football was always his dream and how he and his wife met in NY.

DL sells ear buds (in ear, no longer the over ear ones) for $2 in coach for the IFE, which was the usual DL TV programming: http://entertainment.delta.com/television/. This plane was an older 757 with the dropdown monitors.

Other than that, the flight was easy and just about as good as it gets. I received a pre-departure beverage (another Bloody!) and in flight, I had one of their new margaritas (excellent!) and Merlot. It was a snack basket flight like US, except that they give you the choice of the crackers, in addition to granola bars, peanuts, Biscoffs, and Sun Chips. We took off about 15 minutes late at 7:55 pm, but landed about 9:37 pm, 31 minutes early, and arrived at the gate around 9:49 pm, 19 minutes early.

Grade for both flights = A


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