DL 5166 and DL 8933 LGA-CVG-TRI August 16

DL 5166 LGA-CVG, CRJ 900 with F class seat, 3A single seat side:
I passed through security using the new Clear line at LGA! They make you feel like a rock star and pull you all the way to the front of the line. People stare and wonder if you are famous! I went to the CRC and was impressed with the little spread of olives, hummus dip, crackers, and cheese, in addition to the usual crunchy snacks. They also have Sam Adams on tap! I am happy to report that this flight was uneventful! We backed away from the gate 10 minutes late, did the usual LaGarbage wait, and took off 30 minutes late at 4:55 pm. In flight service was the standard three-snack options (with seconds and thirds for F class) and the standard bev service with free booze in F. I had peanuts, crackers, and a Bloody Mary. The two male FAs worked the entire plane together. We landed in beautiful, fall-like CVG 27 minutes early, at 6:20 pm. The A club is closed weekends, so I hiked over to B. There the spread was olives, chick pea salad, chicken salad with walnuts, carrot sticks, celery sticks, crackers, and cheese, in addition to pretzels and Biscoffs. They had Michelob Amber Bock on tap.

DL 8933 CVG-TRI EMB 145 seat 12A single seat exit:
Another uneventful, good flight from DL (aka Chautauqua!) We boarded about 20 minutes before departure, all 11 of us (9 males, 2 females.) We left the gate 5 minutes early at 7:55 pm and took off 9 minutes late at 8:09 pm. We had a full bev and three-snack choice service. We landed 14 minutes early at 8:49 pm. Great job, Delta/Delta Connection! Consistent and on-time service!


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