US 975 MSP-CLT August 10

US 975 MSP-CLT A319 seat 1A

I arrived MSP about two hours early. Check in at the kiosk was quick and easy. I also passed quickly through security and found a NW WC to pass the time. I arrived my gate and we boarded on time at 9:35 am with F class first! F was full and the décor was the familiar gray, but not as dingy/dirty as my inbound in Thursday. The FA offered a full bev service and I received a potent Bloody.

We departed the gate 10 minutes early and took off 7 minutes late at 10:12 am CT. We received the standard inflight bev and snack basket service, but this FA kept us watered and fed the whole time. In coach they actually had a limited number of snack boxes for sale for $5!

Get this, we landed at 12:55 pm, 53 minutes early from the projected arrival time of 1:48 pm (or 44 minutes early based on the above itinerary time, 1:39 pm!)  In other words, really, really early. I was surprised we went straight to a gate!

Wow, it confuses me when US does things right. It makes me tempted to call my new “Executive Liaison” and use my remaining vouchers!


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