UA ROA-IAD-JFK/EWR, August 1 and 3

UA 7291 ROA-IAD CRJ seat 10C aisle:
My first flight was pretty uneventful, except they announced that the lav would be inoperable–before we boarded –thank goodness! The flight was only 33 minutes from takeoff to touchdown. The flight was boarded first with specials/Global Services/1K, then by zone.  I was in 10C (no E+ seats on a CRJ!) and 3 exit row seats went empty–they are only for 1P and up and they no longer sell them at check-in! But that was OK, there was no one beside me so I could spread out for the “long” flight! Once we arrived about 30 minutes early to IAD, we had to wait on the tarmac for a few for the rampers to show up. We still got to the gate about 20 minutes early. However, once I arrived IAD, I found out my 10:05 to EWR was delayed to 11:30! I was going to pass time in the NWA WC at the B gates, but it closed 20 minutes after I arrived! So I made my way to the people mover and came on over to D. I finally found customer service and because I was Premier Associate, they hooked me up on the JFK 10:05, an EMB 170, aisle seat! I am soooo glad I credited to UA!
UA 7291 IAD-JFK EMB 170 seat 6D aisle:
We boarded up and finally departed 50 minutes late at 10:50 pm. The flight was supposed to be 38 minutes, but it turned out to be 50 minutes, with an arrival time of 11:40 pm. We took a 15 minute wait on the tarmac to allow some large planes to land. By the time we arrived the gate and deplaned, it was about midnight. There was no service on board, but I loved the EMB 170!

UA 7888 EWR-IAD EMB 145 seat 14A:
We boarded and departed 18 minutes late, at 10:20 am, due to a late inbound flight. Although we landed at 11:05 am, 45 minutes later, we received a full beverage service and the flight was almost full! We arrived 15 minutes early! In the interim, my earlier flight to ROA was canceled due to a mechanical. I was called by the EasyUpdate automated system, received an EasyUpdate e-mail, and automatically rebooked on the next available flight to ROA, UA 7291, before the gate agents announced the cancellation. I snagged one of the last seats; people in the Customer Service line were told that the flight was full. To pass the time, I found the NW WorldClub in Terminal B, where I was able to enjoy complimentary snacks, beverages, and Internet.
US 7291 IAD-ROA CRJ-200 seat 11C aisle:

This was an uneventful flight except that we departed 30 minutes late at 6:05 pm after a long wait on the plane, but arrived two minutes early at 6:36 pm. There was no beverage service and I only saw two open seats.


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