Countdown to the end…LGA-CLT-TYS July 13

US 1233 LGA-CLT A321 seat 3C no seatmate
We started boarding 40 minutes before departure, not 30 minutes. There were LOTS of pre-boards with small children, one UM, one blind person with a seeing eye dog, and one person in a wheelchair. For some reason, I was the only one to board when they called zone 1. When I checked in online around 9:00 am, there were seven empty seats in F but on board there ended up being only one empty seat, 3A, the one beside me. The clientele looked to me to be very leisure except for about three or four men who looked business casual. There was a lady with a child and a man with a child in F. The two FAs I saw during boarding, a man and a woman, were dressed in what I call the dark navy leisure pantsuit (the jacket is zip-up.). The other FA had on the navy skirt and matching short-sleeved top of the same material. They all looked very nice and professional–I definitely prefer the more formal uniform pieces. Boarding finished at 11:00 am and we backed away from the gate 13 minutes early, at 11:02 am. No wonder they are on time backing away that early. There was no pre-departure drink. We were airborne by 11:15 am, our exact departure time. In-flight service was the usual beverage and snack basket service. The FA brought me a whole can of Bloody mix, the cup of ice with lime, and two minis, but never offered me anything else the rest of the flight. I have tons of A & Bs left, so I decided to give my FA one just because he gave me two minis and when I went up to give it to him, he was sitting and listening to his iPod! He works hard for the money indeed! Oh well! They did have the BoA spiel in this flight. We landed early at 12:32 pm, 49 minutes early! That might be a record! When I was deplaning, the FA thanked me again, very sincerely, for the A & B, and that made me feel like I did the right thing. I know things will only get worse for them.
US 2347 CLT-TYS CRJ seat 8C exit no seatmate
At 2:00 pm, the GA announced that our inbound aircraft had just arrived and we would be a little late boarding. We boarded at 2:15 pm, 15 minutes late, pushed back at 2:41 pm, but did not take off until 3:21 pm, 51 minutes late, due to a long line to take off and then a line of storms that briefly stopped westbound flights. Flight time was scheduled for 35 minutes take off to touch down and some bumps due to storms in the TRI/TYS area were expected. There was no bev service in flight “due to the short duration.” We landed at 3:55 pm, 28 minutes late.

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