July 5: CO 2587 EWR-AVL, EMB 145 op by Express Jet

I arrived EWR early enough to eat lunch in the food court in Terminal A. Most CO flights are in Terminal C, but they have one “pod” in Terminal A, the middle pod, and they share this area with B6. There was an Elite Access line, but it was no quicker than the regular line, because there are so many CO elites in EWR! I passed time in the Terminal A President’s Club, with my free Internet. It is a very quiet and small club, right near the security checkpoints, but inside security, if that makes sense!

The terminal area was packed and it was a Saturday. Our flight boarded 30 minutes late, because our inbound aircraft was unable to get to the gate due to a late departing aircraft. We backed away from the gate only 15 minutes late at 4:44 pm, because the boarding process was amazingly organized and quick. We took off at 5:02 pm, 33 minutes late, but landed only 17 minutes late, at 6:34 pm. The service was exactly the same at my flight up – pretzels (one bag, 12 pretzels) and a standard beverage service. Non-alcoholic drinks are still free and alcoholic drinks are still $5. The beer choices were Heineken, Fosters, Miller Lite, and Miller Genuine Draft, by the way, and I had one Miller Lite. Our FA was Bobbie if you liked her and Anita if you didn’t! (Her words!)


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