May 27: LGA-ATL-TRI on DL

DL 905 LGA-ATL, 757-200, scheduled 6:55-9:26 am:

I arrived at 6:00 am and luckily was able to use the elite security lane due to my CRC membership (the elite lane is only for First/Business Elite, Platinum, Gold, and CRC, but not Silver.) Incidentally, I was the only female in the elite line!

I made it through and they were already boarding at 6:20 am. I was sixth on the upgrade list with three seats available, so I took my exit row aisle seat, 27D, which had excellent legroom, but immovable armrests. We backed away from the gate on time and took off at 7:13 am. I finally got to see the new “Deltalina” safety video on a plane instead of on YouTube! And the Delta On-Air programming/IFE worked!  I brought my own headset! There was a full beverage service with both complimentary snacks and snacks for sale. The FA had a handheld device to process credit card payments!

I had a personal scare–I thought I left all my keys in NY as I had switched purses, then I realized I’d packed my other purse and thank goodness both sets were still in that bag!

DL’s foodie show, called “Local Flavor,” with sommelier Andrea Robinson (, featured a foodie weekend in Napa.

I also watched “The Office” and a couple of music videos, Jack Johnson and Kate Nash. The shows were interspersed with DL ads and “Planguage” animated clips.

We arrived at ATL at 9:00 am–26 minutes early.

DL 4209 ATL-TRI, ATR-72 (66-seat prop, boards and deplanes at the rear), scheduled 12:15-1:30 pm, seat 16B aisle (one row forward from the rear boarding door, premium seating!):

I spent my two and a half hour layover in the concourse D CO President’s Club, since my flight was departing from D28. It is a small, but nice club with free Internet for all. I was able to settle into a dark cube with coffee and a bagel and catch up!

My flight to TRI boarded 20 minutes before departure. We loaded up on time, but there was an attempt at a lav repair at the last minute that ended up not being successful. I guess something was really lodged down there because the FAs had been trying to flush paper all day to little avail, they said. At least maintenance tried to flush it out before we left. It was operable, but not flushing with enough fluid/power. We left the gate 10 minutes late at 12:25 pm and took off 17 minutes late at 12:32 pm. The two FAs provided a limited beverage and snack service consisting of ice water in cups (no more wee Dasani bottles) and a choice of one of the three standard snacks: peanuts, crackers, or Biscoffs, the large, Delta-branded two-pack. We arrived TRI at 1:30 pm, on time.


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