TRI-ATL-LGA on DL, May 17

DL 4307 operated by ASA, CRJ, scheduled 10:10-11:11 am, seat 8B exit

When I checked in at the kiosk, the flight was absolutely full. I went to the TRI Business Center to start this trip report.

And…here is the very brief report!

This was a full, but uneventful 40-minute flight. We left the gate 10 minutes early, took off two minutes early at 10:08 am, and landed at 10:48 am, 23 minutes early. There was no inflight service so I dozed.

DL 918 ATL-LGA 757-200, scheduled 1:40-3:59 pm, seat 4A window, first class (there are 26 seats in F!)

We boarded on time, beginning with specials, then F, then zones 1 and up. There were two male FAs in training working F and they did a great job hanging jackets and serving pre-departure drinks. I had a Bloody. The pilot came out of the cockpit to introduce himself and spoke to us about the flight, the weather, the crew, etc., using the front FA microphone. I have seen this before and it is a very nice touch. Flight time was scheduled to be one hour 39 minutes. Of the 26 seats in F, 25 were occupied.

We left the gate about 5-10 minutes past scheduled departure and took off at 2:08 pm, 28 minutes later than scheduled.

This flight had touchscreen seatback IFE, which was an unexpected perk. The choices were TV, Delta On-Air, CDs, games, My Flight, and Information. I listened to Pride Party, music by gay and “gay-friendly” artists–great channel!

We encountered some light chop, “no worse than crossing the Queensborough Bridge,” quipped the pilot!

The inflight service was drinks and a snack basket similar to US, with crackers, Sun Chips, granola bars, peanuts, and large Delta-branded Biscoffs. I took it down a notch to Amstel Light–in a glass! I cannot believe they had my favorite beer! Is it “liquor before beer, never fear?”

About 40 minutes before scheduled arrival, I had to go to the lav! After all those drinks and being female, I just could not wait any longer! The guy in 4B was asleep and I tapped him but he did not move! The FA in training saw my predicament and he woke the guy up gently. Part of me felt badly, but I could not help it! That is why I am an aisle (and bulkhead) diva! I feel guilty when I have to make someone move!

We landed @ 3:46 pm, 13 minutes early! I had such a good flight, I took photos! And the FA trainees were given a well-deserved round of applause!


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