$76.37 Voucher Redemption Trip: TYS-CLT-LGA Roundtrip

US 4487 TYS-CLT, operated by Piedmont, Dash 8-300 seat 11C exit aisle:

TYS is a great little airport; I wish I still lived in K-town, home of my UT-K repeat National Champ Lady Vols, my 2nd college alma mater! Through security they even have a Ruby Tuesday’s! They also have 12 gates–who knew! There was also a recharging area right beside my gate!We boarded late due to a late-arriving inbound aircraft. We departed the gate at 7:50 pm, 10 minutes late, took off at 7:53 pm, and landed at 8:38 pm, early, I think. We had a full in-flight bev service w/mini pretzels. The plastic cups were the “old” ones, not the “improved” flimsy ones!

US 1496 CLT-LGA, A321, seat 3C aisle:
I arrived CLT to discover that my flight was scheduled to depart 10 minutes earlier than scheduled, at 9:49 pm instead of 9:59 pm. I thought it was a “scare tactic” to get everyone to the gate early. It must have worked, because although we boarded late, we actually departed the gate at 10:00 pm, only one minute late from the originally scheduled departure of 9:59 pm. The flight appeared full and there was one seat open in F (of 16.) We took off at 10:09 pm. I had three Jacks on the rocks, for medicinal purposes of course, as I still have a three-week long cough/allergy/throat problem! To be honest, Jack Daniels might end up being my best friend/doctor, as it really calmed my cough!

The flight was OK. The A321 is still cramped in first class due to the reconfiguration, but is better than coach. There was the usual snack basket, except it had some Cranberry Nut Mix (I stuck with the devils I know–Sun Chips and Biscoffs!)

We landed at 11:26 pm, about 24 minutes early…to LGA…on a misty Friday night!

US 819 LGA-CLT, A319, seat 2D, scheduled departure 6:35 am, scheduled flight time 1 hour 22 minutes
LGA was dead when I passed through security around 5:40 am. We boarded on time, specials first, then F/zone 1/zone 2 together. There was music playing while boarding and pillow and blankets were available in the F overheads. The aircraft appeared worn (pen marks, saggy grey leather) but clean. We shut the boarding door 15 minutes early, pushed back six
minutes early, and took off on time, despite the drizzle and fog in NY.  There were seven empty seats in F and the five of us had our own row.  The FA did not serve pre-departure beverages, but in flight, I had a  Bloody Mary (with one mini; I had to ask for a second one) and Sun Chips and Cranberry Nut Mix from the snack basket. The mix was not bad–almonds, cashews, dried cranberries, and sesame sticks. We landed at 7:57 am, VERY early.

US 2320, CLT-TYS, CRJ, seat 8C exit, scheduled departure 9:45 am, scheduled flight time 33 minutes at 22,000 feet
We took a short maintenance delay at the gate (AC) and boarded five minutes before departure. The flight was almost full, but I had no one beside me. We departed the gate only eight minutes late at 9:53 am, but our time for taxi, wait in line, and departure was 25 minutes. We took off at 10:18 am and landed at 10:55 am, 37 minutes later. Bev service
was “by request” only.


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