DL 6326 operated by Chautauqua ROA – CVG Dep: 18:30 (EARLY) Arr: 19:47 (EARLY)
Seat 9A Single Seat Exit; EMB-135

But do not be deceived, my friends! This was one extremely bumpy flight. Worst turbulence in like YEARS. I flew out of my seat a few times, luckily not hitting my head on the overhead bin. I am telling you, sort of scared the crap out of me during the worse moments! However, can you believe the FA did a full, three-snack choice and bev service anyway? And she did spill drinks on herself as I saw the stains–either coffee (one guy did actually order hot coffee! What a moron!) or Coke. I had WATER, but they did not have the mini Dasanis, just cups of water.

DL 5371 operated by Comair CVG-LGA Dep gate: 21:00; Actual: 23:39 Arr: 00:57
Seat 13B Exit; CRJ-700 (no seatmate, thank God!)
We boarded at 8:30 p.m., left the gate at 9:00 p.m., and sat on the plane for a total 3 hours 9 minutes (from boarding to actual takeoff) waiting to depart due to storms, poor visibility, and the associated ATC delays in the NYC area. Two planes missed the approach at LGA, so they closed the airport for a while. The two FAs did give us three beverage services and two snack services. While waiting, we had water, snack, and a full beverage service. While in the air for one hour 18 minutes, we had snack and beverage service again. We were allowed to use our phones and the lav right up until we departed. The pilot updated us every time he received an update. I was “lucky”–many flights were diverted and a few were canceled. TOTAL TIME ON BOARD = 4 hours 27 minutes

DL 1225 LGA-CVG Dep: 06:01 (EARLY) Arr: 08:10 (EARLY)
Seat 2B Aisle; MD-88  (aircraft has 14 F seats and was full on this flight)
I was able to enjoy a brief visit to the LGA CRC before boarding my flight. The LGA club is small but very nice. I went to the gate and, according to the great DL flat-screen monitors, I was second of two on the upgrade list with one open F seat and two unclaimed, so I went ahead and boarded with my zone as I wanted to have room for my bag. They boarded Zone 1 first, then Zone 2, and so on! However, a few minutes after I had gotten settled, the GA called me and another passenger up from coach to F! Cool! Remember I am Silver now and this trip was only $180.00, so this was a very pleasant surprise. There was a bottle of Dasani, a pillow, and a blanket by my seat–and I was offered another pre-dep drink, too. We departed the gate on time early and took off at 6:20 am. The flight was very quiet. There was snack basket and bev service in F. I had crackers, Sun Chips, and two Bloody Marys in rounded highball glasses. The FA was very attentive. We arrived early and I as I was deplaning, the GA (male) struck up a conversation with me. It kind of caught me off guard someone being so nice to make small talk! We chatted briefly about the weather then he asked me if I needed help finding my way! Of course, as I arrived at the gate area, I saw the monitor listing all of the connections! On a scale of 1-10, I would give this flight a 9, only because there was no IFE or food. Otherwise, it was a big 10!

DL 6226 operated by Chautauqua CVG-ROA Dep: 11:20 Arr: 12:05 (EARLY)
Seat 9A Single Seat Exit; EMB 135
With this flight, I officially earned Silver Medallion through Feb 2010. My total is now 25,022 MQMs. This is my first earned status on another airline besides US in about three or four years.

We boarded on time at gate A22. There was music playing as we boarded, which is rare on an RJ. The standard three-snack and bev service was provided.


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