DL 6256 operated by Chautauqua TRI-CVG EMB 145 seat 12 A exit:
We took off at 7:00 am and landed at 7:40 am. We had the mini Dasani and choice of three snacks (large, Delta-branded Biscoffs, crackers, and peanuts) service. I dozed as I was very sleepy.

DL 5093 operated by Comair CVG-PHL CRJ seat 8B exit aisle:
Not much to say here! The service was the same as the previous flight. This was a CRJ flight, so not as much room, but no one was seated beside me in A, so that was great! The FA was very funny and lively. We actually boarded and departed late due to an unknown maintenance issue aboard the aircraft, at 9:35 am, but we arrived 15 minutes early–the flight time was only 1 hour 10 minutes from takeoff to touchdown at 33,000 feet.

DL 743 PHL-ATL MD-88 seat 27D aisle:
As we were boarding, DL FAs twice recognized the servicemen aboard the flight and we all applauded–a very nice gesture.

The plane was not full, so I ended up without a seatmate at the last minute. However, coach legroom on this plane was not as tight as US.

We boarded and departed the gate on time. However, US ops in PHL definitely impacted departures. Our taxi in PHL was 45 minutes! We finally took off at 10:45 am for the one hour 40 minute flight to ATL and we were still scheduled to arrive on time, maybe even 5 minutes early! While waiting in line, it felt like the old ATL. At least I earned double miles for flying in and out of PHL on this trip!

Coach service included the standard beverage and three-snack choices. The FAs looked sharp in their red-trimmed white blouses. One more note of interest–DL collects cups and cans separately from other trash for recycling.

We landed in ATL at 12:37 pm, 1 minute late. (We were actually slowed by ATC/misty weather in ATL!) Upon arrival, after I turned on my cell phone and Blackberry, I had two e-mails and three voicemails from DL about a schedule change, that my connecting flight was already delayed by an hour (and I already had a long layover!) After I deplaned, I went to a kiosk (they have them behind security for issues like these), logged in with my SM number and PIN and it noted my schedule irregularity and allowed me to change to the earlier flight–and I got the last seat! If I had been brave, I would have gone for a bump, but I was afraid with the other flight so delayed, I might get stuck in ATL. And as much as ATL has improved, I really wanted to see my own bed and my kitty Einstein today!

DL 4274 operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines ATL-TRI ATR-72 seat 2B aisle (the farthest to the front I have ever sat on this rear-boarding prop):
We boarded on time, elites and specials first. However, due to some late-arriving passengers and luggage, we did not take off until 3:05 pm. However, we landed at 3:55 pm, about 10 minutes early. We had no service “due to the short duration.” I fell asleep with the props just humming away! LOL!

One more note–we had a serviceman aboard home only for 18 days, so the FAs requested that we allow him to deplane first and thank him for his service. He was the first one off to a round of applause!

Another good DL experience!


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