March 2: HPN-ATL-TRI

DL 6498, HPN-ATL, E170 with F class, op. by Shuttle America, seat 2A single side
I arrived HPN to discover that they do not operate the Clear line every day. However, my flight was early, so I passed through security quickly. My flight was scheduled to depart from Door C! (Let’s Make A Deal, anyone? This airport has overgrown itself! LOL!) Anyway, we boarded late. When I sat down, there was a blanket and a bottle of Dasani at each seat in F. There were only two of us in F. We departed 17 minutes late, at 7:17 am. The in-flight service was a standard beverage service and a snack basket. This was similar to US except that my coffee and Bailey’s was served in a real mug. Even Shuttle America has real mugs! Other than this, the flight was uneventful. We landed an hour and 52 minutes later in ATL, early, at 9:09 am.

DL 4307, ATL-TRI, CRJ, seat 1C
I was scheduled on a TRI flight leaving at 12:05 pm and was not looking forward to three hours in ATL. I deplaned my previous flight at B7 and looked at a monitor and saw another TRI flight boarding just down the hall at B17. I made my way to the GA and he happily put me on the earlier flight at no charge. He chatted with me about my upcoming hectic flying schedule–it seems that all of one’s SkyMiles profile shows in the system and he could see all of my upcoming DL flights. He thanked me for being so nice and for flying DL and I boarded, the last passenger to board. We sat at the gate longer than expected due to a small maintenance issue and while waiting, the wonderful FA, Tiffany, served us snacks and water. We departed 20 minutes late but the flight was only 35 minutes. In spite of the short duration, Tiffany gave us a full beverage service! We arrived at 10:35 a.m., still early! This was a great day to fly Delta!


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